Exercise for Pregnant Women sponsored by MultiMam Infion

Multi-Mam Infion had the opportunity to become a sponsor in supporting the exercise for pregnant women (Senam Ibu Hamil), organized by the National Hospital in October 2022. The event, which was divided into 2 sessions, was held on October 1 and 15. Not only doing exercises, mom-to-be who took part in this event were also equipped with some knowledge, especially regarding the birth process and also about morning sickness. This event ran smoothly and was very beneficial for the pregnant women who were the participants.

There was also a giveaway session, where participants who attended received several products from the supporting partners involved.

Multi-Mam Compresses are here to help pregnant women in the breastfeeding process later. This process is certainly not an easy thing, there will be many obstacles such as pain, discomfort, or blisters on the nipples while breastfeeding. When this happens, Multi-Mam Compresses will be on hand to help overcome the discomfort

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