Health Supplement for
maintaining bone health

About Our Product

Composition : Each chewable Calmor tablet contains:
Lithothamnion sp. (Aquamin®) 1000 mg is equivalent to:
Calcium 300 mg 25%
Magnesium 22mg 6%
Vitamin D3 200IU 35%
Vitamin K2 20mcg 35%

Indication :
Helps maintain bone health.
Helps meet Calcium and Vitamin D needs.

How to use :
Children: 1 chewable tablet, once a day.
Adults: 1 chewable tablet, 1-2 times a day.

Warnings and Cautions:
Contains the artificial sweetener aspartame.
This product contains phenylalanine, should not be used in people with phenylketonuria and pregnant women with high phenylalanine levels.
This product should not be used by babies under 1 year old.

No. Reg. : POM SD 2015 5 6081


Natural Calcium


Vitamin D 3

Vitamin K 2

About Aquamin®

Aquamin® is a mineral complex taken from the marine red algae Lithothamnion sp. (harvested in the North Atlantic waters of Ireland)

This Aquamin® mineral complex is rich in calcium and magnesium.



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